Want to learn how to make Beautiful Inked Cabinets?

Our most-requested cabinet finish is something we’ve been painting for years, but lately “inked cabinets” are soaring in popularity because of its clean lines and its over-all sophisticated polished look.

Cabinet inking gives flat, boring cabinet doors a custom design finish and much needed depth. Inked cabinets are not your typical glaze or distressed look, however. There is no paint or glaze on the smooth surfaces of the cabinets. The inking, or all the dark color, is concentrated in the molding and details. Inked Cabinets, making them pop.

Glazing vs Inking vs Flat Cabinets

Traditional glazed cabinets have a thin glaze, which is applied by brush or hand and then wiped off and cured. This leaves highlights over the flat surfaces and settles into the moldings, corners and details of the door and drawer fronts. This glazed antique look goes well with French country, rustic, farmhouse and Old World styles.

If you want a more modern look, cabinet inking can give you the added depth and visual interest without looking old-fashioned, dated or even dirty. The cabinets’ surface details are still accented but the glazed streaks are missing from the flat surfaces.

You can see why this look is very popular. It’s more refined but a warmer look to a flat cabinet with no glazing or highlighting. Flat cabinets can be ultra modern and look good with some styles. But they can very a harsh, cold look that doesn’t suit most home styles.

Here are some of our painted inked cabinets projects…

We want to showcase some of our favorite “inked” cabinets to give you an idea how versatile and classic this finish truly is.

Quite often we will paint inked upper cabinets and paint a slightly different glaze or dry brushing technique on a kitchen island.

In, this kitchen we painted all of the cabinets in Panda White, and painted the island in Interesting Aqua. Then we inked both with the same gray. We also added dry brushing to the island to make it a separate element and focal interest in the kitchen.
This kitchen is unique with its reversed colors. We painted the island in Creamy, painted the cabinets darker in Tea Chest and inked both with the same Thunder Gray color, all by Sherwin Williams.

How do I paint inked cabinets?

If you are a DIYer this is a technique worth learning so you can save yourself money during your kitchen redesign. If you are a professional painter, this is a finish you need to offer in your portfolio It’s an ideal finish for your clients who want character but also desire a classic and fresh look. It will sell!!! Inking can be done on furniture, cabinets, or any other wood accent to warm up the piece.
Cabinet Inking really isn’t hard with the right supplies, preparation work and painting knowledge, but it will take some practice and a steady hand. We have been painting cabinets for XX years and would love to teach you everything we know and have you fast forward the learning curve to painting cabinets and getting an inked look.

You can learn “How to Ink Cabinets” by purchasing our tutorial here. For $37, we include a complete supply list, a step-by-step video demonstration and written instructions. Keep in mind, a custom cabinet job could cost hundreds, if not thousands.

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