About  Us

A Fabulous Finish was founded in 2002 .  We are two cousins that have grown up in the design industry. We LOVE all things design! Including colors, textures, patterns  and latest trends.

We have had the privilege of working in some of the most gorgeous homes in The Woodlands, Houston, Dallas, and Austin area.

We work with designers and home owners to come up with custom high-end finishes for your home or office.

Our Team

Hi there! My name is Kindra Benge. So, about me. I’m a 37 year old wife and mother of two. I married my high school sweetheart, J.R. when we were just 20 years old! We are now the proud parents of a 14 year old son, Connor and an 11 year old girl, Callie. Our little family lives in a small town in Texas surrounded by horses, cows, cute little tea rooms and antique shops.
I’m not exactly sure how I became an artist per say. One of my earliest memories is seeing a painting that hung at my dads house. I loved that painting and thought it was the most gorgeous thing my eyes had ever seen. My late grandmother, whom I never met had painted it, so I’m sure my passion for painting started with seeing her art. I also have a feeling my love for creating and design could have started while helping out at my PawPaw’s upholstery business. Ashlie and I spent summers there picking out fabrics all while imagining how those beautiful fabrics would transform an old chair or sofa someone had brought in into a beautiful redeemed piece of art.

In my free time I love to be with my family. Our weekends are usually spent watching our kids play softball and baseball. We are definitely an outdoorsy family. My husband and son love to hunt and fish so naturally I tag along, randomly finding myself sleeping in a tent in the snow on an elk hunt. Did I mention I don’t hunt?! But, my love for my hubs runs deep yall! My outlet from everything is family ski trips! We all love to ski and snowboard so most Christmases are spent in the mountains. It is hands down my favorite thing to do with them.

In addition to all these things, my main love is Jesus. My goal in life is to point my children and others to Him. I pray that I walk with Him and represent Him well in all I do.
Thank you for following our journey! We have been blessed in our business to have helped so many clients transform their homes over the past 15 years. We look forward to many more!

HI!!! I am Ashlie. I am so glad that you have taken the time to check out our website and what we do. We are thrilled you are here.

We started this business over 15 years ago when we were youngsters and had little bitty babies. This business has actually been like another child to each of us. We were young, eager, and excited when we started A Fabulous Finish and had a strong desire to help create beautiful spaces. The business has grown and evolved as have we. I can’t really talk “about me” without talking about this business! More about “A Fab” in a few….

I grew up as a very creative child. Painting, drawing, making, sewing, knitting, baking, decorating things, anything that involved creating. I come from a family of creatives.
I wasn’t into TV or sports or competing …. I was into taking something and making it beautiful. I took art all through high school and when I got to college I was completely torn, confused, and all over the place. I started out in Interior Design, then went to Nutrition, then thought I’d become a nurse for a few months! LOL I ended up with an Education Major and a minor in Biology. I told you I was all over the place. I was basically a science loving artist that thought I’d make a career teaching jr high or high school science. God had another plan for me.

I started dating my husband when I was 17 years old. Ben is so smart, supportive and takes excellent care of me. We married when I was in college and right after he graduated. We bought a fixer-upper town home and did an entire remodel ourselves. It was a blast!!! I was still in school, finished up and we had our son right after graduation. Twenty months later I had my amazing daughter. I love those two kids more than I can say and don’t know what I’d do without them. God has truly blessed me more than I could ever imagine. I adore my family. When my youngest was about two I started thinking of starting a business, Ben was so supportive and encouraged me through the entire thing. I brought the idea to Kindra to see if she was “interested”. After all we grew up with our own ‘pretend’ design business that we named “Ashkins Designs”. Kindra was all in! From day one the business was a success.

God has blessed us with some of the most AMAZING clients, homes, and opportunities. The people and the projects have been more than we could have ever hoped for. It’s an absolute dream come true to have a job creating and helping people love their home and creating amazing spaces. The new addition of classes, connecting with other creatives in groups and encouraging and inspire people is yet another blessing. God amazes me with his love and abundant gifts and my hope is that people see and feel that through our work and business.