Hi guys! Kindra and Ashlie here. We were talking and talking and talking about what our first blog post should be and let me tell you, it’s hard! It’s hard to decide! We have so many words to share but making us narrow it down is like asking us to chose our favorite color. If you’re like us, we see the beauty in every color, every ceiling and every project we’ve ever done. As I’m writing this, Ashlie is going through picture after picture of our clients beautiful homes trying to pick just a few ceiling pictures for this blog. Did I mention this is hard? Haaa!

Ok, so in our 15 years of experience in the decorative painting industry we thought we would share some ideas on how to make your ceiling captivating. Here goes!

The “classic” ceiling
Go ahead and paint your walls a bold color or add a beautiful glaze. Then paint your ceiling a crisp white. This will give beautiful contrast in the room and a uber sophisticated look.


Go for an “encompassing” look This look really makes the room feel like you are being cradled in a beautiful wall and ceiling finish that just won’t stop! Continuing the wall finish up onto the ceiling makes the room actually feel larger as their is no stopping point.


Tone on tone
A tone on tone look is achieved by adding colors in the same palette with one being darker and the other slightly lighter on the ceiling and the walls. Go for the darker of the two colors for a finish on the ceiling in a large room to bring the ceiling down for a cozy, subtle surprise. Not a lot of contrast here, only subtle beauty.


Go BOLD or go home One of our favorite ways to make a ceiling bold is to do a subtle wall finish in a light palette and paint the ceiling in a bold metallic finish. It’s gorgeous! It finishes the room and is a focal point without overwhelming.

The crown of the room
This is when you take bold and multiply it by a gahzilion. To achieve this look add a hand painted design or heavy layered plaster in contrasting colors to a ceiling. Leave the walls untouched or with a light plastered finish with slight movement to really finish off the room.