Hello Fall!
We are so excited for it to have finally arrived down here in Texas! It’s 73 degrees today! Yay! So, this morning I walked into my ladies Bible study and saw Ashlie wearing a buffalo check flannel shirt, moto jeans, tall boots and clutching a latte with both hands as to warm herself from the frigid fall weather that has moved in. Guys, Texans are crazy 😂😂

So, with that said we figured the time was right to share a blog post on one of our most popular DIY projects. This is perfect to do yourself, with friends or even with kids! These fall leaves will dress up any table for the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Let’s get started!

Magnolia leaves off the ground (Ashlie literally stole these from her neighbors yard in the middle of the night. We can’t take her anywhere)

Spray primer

White/cream paint-anything really that you have lying around in the garage. Or, if you have milk paint or chalk paint use that!

Metallic paint in bronze, silver or gold. We used all three. We prefer Modern Masters Metallic Paint but any Metallic paint will do!

2-3 small plastic tubs

Calligraphy marker or sharpie

A roll of twine

1/4 of a yard of burlap cut into 3-4 inch strips to tie around stems

Wire cutters

Thin bendable wire

Hot glue gun with glue

Newspaper or drop cloth

Paint brush


Optional: dried wheat, dried flowers, babies breath

Step 1: collect leaves and make sure they are dried out







Step 2: place leaves on newspaper or drop cloth and spray with primer, allow to dry. Flip leaves over and spray the other side too, let dry.


Step 3: once primer is dry on leaves, grab your can of creamy/white paint and brush both sides of leaves allowing to dry between coats.

Step 4: this is the fun part! Pour some of the metallic paint into separate plastic bowls. Dipping one leaf at a time, hold the leaf by the stem and dip the tip of the leaf into the metallic paint of your choice. Place on newspaper and allow to dry. Once dry, you could even double dip with another metallic color and have a two toned affect! Whaaaaaaat?!?!
Awesome, huh?

Step 5: ok, now that your leaves are primed, basecoated and dipped in metallic paint, it’s time to write on them! You can write things like “thankful”, “blessed”, or use them as a place setting with names of your guests on them. We like to use a calligraphy marker to write on them.

Step 6: How do they look so far?! I bet they are cute! It’s now time to gather little stems of barley, wheat and babies breath. Maybe just one of each for each leaf. Now, take your wire and the stems you’ve gathered and wrap the ones you’ve gathered around the stem of your leaf. Wrap the wire around a couple of loops and cut off the excess wire with your wire cutters.


Step 7: Grab your twine or burlap and tie this over the wire to hide the wire. Feel free to put a little dab of hot glue on this area to keep it secure.


Ok. Now. You should be done! High five yourself! You will now have the coolest fall tablescape in all the land. We hope enjoyed our tutorial! Thanks for joining in on the fun! See you next time!!


Kindra and Ashlie